Mexican Appetizers

Submited by Laura from Jimenez Chihuahua Mexico


The Mexican Appetizers are tasty and colorful concoctions that are easy to prepare.

With varied arrangements of corn tortillas, peppers, beans, shredded chicken, tomato, etc., they possess all the requirements of balanced nutrition.

Just follow the instructions of the recipes and add a pinch of imagination.


I invite you you to try the art of creating home and handmade corn tortillas. It is easy and quick and you will love the smell and taste of fresh-backed corn tortillas made in your own kitchen.

The Guacamole is another famous and classic Mexican dish that you must try. Guacamole and chips forms a terrific combo but here are some additional ways to enjoy the avocado concoction.


My name is Laura. Please contact me with any ideas or questions about the recipe, just drop me a note. I will be happy to respond.