Main Mexican Dishes

Submited by Laura from Jimenez Chihuahua Mexico


The historical and cultural Tradition of Mexican Cooking is unique to the world with its particular collaboration of herbs and spices, seasoning and aromas, and endless variety of presentation and color.

The Mexican dishes ingredients are very familiar to us and may be always be substituted by other ones.

With a little time and practice the preparer begins to enhance and improve their own individual methods and creativity in the area of Traditional Mexican Dishes.


  • Plan in advance the week's menu and purchase your groceries accordingly.
  • Buy all your fruits and veggies, whenever possible, while in season.
  • Keep informed regarding the nutritional quality and contents of packaged foods by reading the label.
  • Buy organically.
  • Select spices that not only improve quality but add flavor to the meals you are preparing.
  • Many Mexican recipes call for chilli peppers. You can control how spicy the food will be by the type of chilli peppers and the amount used.

    My name is Laura. Please contact me with any ideas or questions about the recipe, just drop me a note. I will be happy to respond.